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Evo Franklin Lightning Rod
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Specification of

Evo Franklin Lightning Rod is a type of lightning device that is more modern and sophisticated than the previous product. Evo Franklin Lightning Protection was designed using ESE (Early Streamer Emission) technology. Evo Franklin Lightning Rod is used as a lightning channel system by means of an ion shooter that fires large amounts of ions into space when the detection of lightning will strike.


Recipient of the Strike

Rounded edges are made because in this case the rounded tip is very effective in drawing lightning strikes accurately and accurately.


Evo Franklin has Electrodes where this tool serves as the main role in collecting deposits and energy reserves as an energy source to generate the Early Streamer Emission (ESE) System.

Smart Ion Generator

Gathering energy from the electric field drawn by the spreading fin, consisting of an energy capacitor unit and ion awakening, sensoring and building protection.

Spreader Fin

This section is a conductor for receivers and firing ions.


The connector that belongs to Evo Franklin Lightning Protection is simpler than other lightning rods. So it is very easy in the installation.

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